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What is aqpw?

...aqpw is used as an abuse of the font in Oldschool Runescape's chat, which allows (across 2 lines of text) the "q" and "p" characters (line 1) to intersect an uppercase "w" (line 2). Generally the q and p characters follow an uppercase "a" character in order to correctly line up with the w character (preceded by 5 spaces) on line 2.
...Although not encouraged by the developers of Runescape (Jagex), it is a common occurance in chat spam and guarantees a solid laugh out of the community.
...aqpw stands as testament to the Gower brother's legacy.

What is this place?

On this website you can find a few small projects that I've used as entry points to HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL.

Plain Old Life Counter is a Magic The Gathering Life Counter made in HTML and it's my first "completed" project. Please check it out and let me know what you think!

I also host a mail server, hit me up if you want an @aqpw.net email address.

If you like 2006-era scapin', you should google "mige5 2006 Singleplayer [Repack]"! Awesome little project that I don't have any affiliation with, but think it deserves a shout-out.

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