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What is aqpw?

...aqpw is used as an abuse of the font in Oldschool Runescape's chat, which allows (across 2 lines of text) the "q" and "p" characters (line 1) to intersect an uppercase "w" (line 2). Generally the q and p characters follow an uppercase "a" character in order to correctly line up with the w character (preceded by 5 spaces) on line 2.
...Although not encouraged by the developers of Runescape (Jagex), it is a common occurance in chat spam and guarantees a solid laugh out of the community.
...aqpw stands as testament to the Gower brother's legacy.

What is this place?

I'm trying to learn web-dev stuff!
On this website you can find a few small projects that I've used as entry points to HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL.
Plain Old Life Counter is a Magic The Gathering Life Counter made in HTML and it's my first "completed" project. Please check it out and let me know what you think!

If you particuarly enjoy anything, have some creative suggestions to share, or just want to get in touch - feel free to shoot me an email!

Want an @aqpw.net email account? Let me know and I'll set you up :)

I can be contacted on admin@aqpw.net

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